October 28, 2005

More on "big social science"

Richard Steckel sent me the following response to my contrarian view of Big Social Science:

I have read your comments with interest and find that I agree with most of them. Big projects are a matter of degree, in both funding and numbers of people. Much very good work involves small budgets (or no external money
whatsoever) and a handful of people. I am certainly not trying to marginalize this type of work; among other things I participate regularly in this type of research.

But you would be surprised on how many big budget projects are now underway in social science history, much less the physical and biological sciences. I don't think the funding prospects for SSH [social-science history] are as dim as you paint them. And I have ideas for increasing the funds, which I will cover in my talk.

It's very nice of him reply thoughtfully (if briefly), and we'll see what discussion evolves next week in Portland. I look forward to it!

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