November 3, 2005

Conference time!

Second public presentation of the net-flow stuff tomorrow, with a poster in the main book exhibit at the Social Science History Association, meeting this weekend in Portland. It's rainy in Portland. I'm not quite crazy enough to laminate my papers to get them safely between hotels. Or maybe I'm crazy enough not to...

In any case, the SSHA is full of serious quantitative folks, so I'll probably be asked to show my work the spreadsheets with the calculations.

I'm still figuring out what to do with the places and times where things don't quite look right. It could be a huge set of typographical errors, or maybe problems in how carefully officials wrote down the figures one year. (There's a great example in Union County in 1938-39, where every child in a grade is also the same age. How amazing! How unbelievable.) Or maybe instability with small populations, which I can believe with African American students in White county (all 125 of them in one year), but not whites in Terrell county the same year. Hmmn...

(Yes, this is all in Georgia.)

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