November 14, 2005

Do I look like I'm from MIT?

Yesterday, I was at the Central Park hawk bench, enjoying a discussion with one of the birding regulars there about Pale Male, when she asked me if I taught at MIT. Well, I'll admit that's the most unusual question I've ever heard from an adult. Occasionally I pretend that I've heard a rude question for the very first time (I've never been asked that by a stranger!), to give another person (especially students) a hint that you don't ask that.

But I really had never been asked if I taught at MIT before. So I explained that I taught at USF, and after a bit more conversation, it turned out that she had probably never heard of USF even though she had lived in Florida for several years, before she had become a birder.

Incidentally, New York was great. I'm exhausted, and I didn't get enough work done, but it was an absolutely wonderful trip. And I've been invited to play along with coauthor a review article over the next few months. Fun! Challenging. Trying to conceive of fitting that in with everything else. Anyone know a temporal equivalent of a shoehorn?

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