January 11, 2006

Sideways looks at ed policy

On the cryptic-note front (move along, move along, there's nothing to see here), I want to set down briefly what I discovered from trying to explain my sideways looks at ed policy to undergraduates last semester. While this doesn't quite capture my disciplinary (history) background, I tried to explain a bit about my political legacy of school accountability article and extract a few cynical questions from it:

  1. Why does this policy exist? Answers could cover different ground:
    • the explicit rationale
    • the implicit theory of action
    • The organizational purpose/role
    • The history
    • Whose ox is gored

  2. What are the consequences of this policy?
    • It's a tool for ...
    • How does this policy change questions raised about ed (and reframe debate in the future)?
    • What forms does dissent take, and what are the reactions?

I'm not entirely pleased with this reductionism, but it's a first stab.

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