January 14, 2006


I have a student from my alma mater shadowing me next week. While I wish my schedule allowed me to attend a candidate's presentation on Tuesday, I think the rest of the week has enough things to give her a sense of what one professor's life is like. I have the next Education Policy Analysis Archives article about 75% edited, giving the right amount to do jointly; some grants to draft/redraft a bit; student stuff to read; classes to prepare; committeework; a journal manuscript to review; and whatever else comes up as urgent or important (and the two aren't the same!).

And while my university hasn't listed anything for the MLK holiday on its website (which is rather strange, as we've typically had a bunch of activities this time of year commemorating King's legacy), we do have Desmond Tutu talking on Thursday evening and a Wednesday-evening movie-shown-on-the-student-union-wall (outside) that she can attend. And I may have a last-minute presentation to prepare for. (This is last-minute in terms of the invitation, not my procrastination! I usually wait a while before procrastinating...) So if she doesn't mind eating at least mostly vegetarian for the week, and the cot we have doesn't throw her for a loop, we'll have a busy week.

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