January 28, 2006

On tap this weekend

The tradeoffs of scheduling your own time: my son's after-care situation has been deteriorating (or maybe at a steady-state mediocre quality), and until a new after-care can open in early March, I've decided to pick him up early as many days a week as I can (which is the majority). I'm very relieved to have the ability to do that, as a faculty member who teaches in the morning. But combine that with my other default-chauffeuring duties in the week, and I'm spending much of my evenings and weekends doing work, at least for the next six weeks or so. On tap this weekend: finishing up a grant revision for NIH (yes, an historian applies to NIH—cool or just weird?), so I can get it in for the Feb. 1 cycle (after which there is electronic submission and who knows how that will go the first year); editing an article manuscript for uploading next week to EPAA; writing a few disposition letters for same; reading revisions for same; reading work a student did to finish an incomplete; grading a good part of an assignment from my classes; and (with luck) a date with my wife (the luck part referring to carving out a time when we won't be slumped over in exhaustion).

And those who expect an occasional entry on academic freedom, don't fret. I have a draft entry that's partly written, in response to the "Bruin Alumni Association" incident, and there is some good news on the academic-freedom front at USF, if only the paperwork will get done properly and promptly. But that all takes a back seat to other stuff, including time with my family.

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