February 3, 2006

A preposition! My kingdom of a preposition!

Well, I've been misquoted in the press again, if mildly. Ed Week reporter Debra Viadero wrote a generally nice article about Rob Warren's EPAA article comparing different graduation measures, and she quoted from an e-mail I had sent her after a misdirected missive (that came to me though intended for someone else). I had written (in part),

My gut sense as an editor and someone who has written before on the topic is that Warren has the best look thus far at the different measures, his idea is a definite if marginal improvement, and that migration continues to be the greatest problem for estimating graduation accurately at the local level.

That came out as...
“Warren has the best look thus far of the different measures,” Sherman Dorn, the journal’s editor, said in an e-mail message last week. “His idea is a definite if marginal improvement.” (emphasis added)

At, of—what's the difference? It makes me look a little less literate, but it's more amusing than anything else. The article is at least 70% correct, so that's pretty good for education reporting.

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