March 17, 2006

What didn't happen this week

If I had been approached by a state's minority legislative caucus staff earlier this year about whether I'd be interested in being asked to participate in a forum on ed policy, but they hadn't been able to convince the sponsors to allow in those with views different from the state's governor, then something like the following may have happened this week: I would have gotten a call from the staff contact Wednesday, asking if I'd be free to speak at a hearing on a bill that was just filed; I'd have looked at the filed bill and suggested changes that really were necessary, even though I was aware that the bill was expected to be squashed like a bug; been contacted several more times in the past few days, as the staff tried to secure a hearing for the bill and slot for me (and possibly others); had a conversation with a senior staff member about the need to be formally invited by the committee chair given state rules about public employees' speaking at hearings; been told the chair was inviting me; been bcc'd an e-mail from one minority legislative leader to the chair regarding the implied invitation; contacted my chair about the invitation and made reservations; wondered how much effort I'd go through over the next few days to prepare a statement and record online lecture material for the day I'd be gone (I teach Tuesdays), as well as tackle the other items on my to-do list; e-mailed a blogging friend to see if we could meet in real life for the first time; been called while I was at dinner with my children and told that while the chair had invited me, the chair had later disinvited me (saying there wasn't enough time to hear witnesses, given the laundry list of bills on the agenda); e-mailed my chair and fellow blogger about the cancellation (I hope with humor!); and been able to cancel the travel reservations. I'm not saying that all really happened, but it would be plausible.

I'm somewhat experienced with tilting at windmills, but I'd like to know if I'm really scheduled to suit up, y'know?

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