March 22, 2006

Funding fudges

As CNN reports, state funding for higher ed has continued to decline as a proportion of total revenues. This is why claims about "educational inflation" being higher than general inflation is misleading—it's true for tuition costs but not all costs; it's true for some elite institutions but not the bulk; and it neatly avoids the public disinvestment in higher education. Fortunately, the students at yesterday's open hearing of the Spellings Commission gave the members an earful on that front.

Here in Florida, the governor's budget proposed virtually no increase in state higher ed funding despite a record revenue windfall for the state and enrollments that are bursting the seams of both the universities and the community colleges. I forget who first told me the quip that universities are the first to be cut and the last to be helped, but it's certainly been true in our state.

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