March 23, 2006

PAA poster

I've gone and committed a poster for my presentation next week at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America. I decided to create a generic explanation for the poster (which is 5x3') and then smaller side panels for more details, the examples, and references. It's my first use of the copy shop in my college, which creates them all the time for my colleagues, and a good use of some residual funds in the internal mini-grant that runs out at the end of the year. I should get some good feedback on what I'm trying, which I'll use in revising a grant proposal and writing another one (the fourth this year with this idea). Maybe I'll hit on one of the grants!

Note: I've just caught a technical (not grammatical) error in the poster. I'm going to use this to my advantage—get a small-denomination Starbucks gift card and give it to the first person who catches the error. Maybe it'll get people coming over and giving my stuff a very critical eye (which is what I want).

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