April 1, 2006

Terrible conference

Well, I'm back in Tampa after a 14-hour journey that you really don't want to know about. (Hint: Southwest shouldn't ever try to fly to Cancun.) The Population Association of America was an awful conference where I didn't learn anything, where everyone who visited my poster session ripped it to shreds, where there was no one else really interested in work similar to mine, where I didn't see any of my demography profs from grad school at Penn (where I earned a masters at the same time as my history Ph.D.), and where I didn't have a chance to see any of my family in the L.A. area.

And I've come back to too much work. I've decided to chuck all writing assignments for the rest of the semester for my undergraduates and replace it all with multiple-choice tests. At least as of this date.

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