April 2, 2006

The real entry on the conference

In case you were wondering, the last item was an April Fool's joke. I saw my mom and the family of one of my sisters. The Population Association of America conference was great. While no one had the energy or concentration to vet my stuff in the poster session (gee, why wouldn't people be able to think about integral equations in a room with several hundred people?), I did give away most of the handouts and had a bunch of people interested in it. I found the work of several others working on education (esp. since I guess the PAA serves as a spring outlet for sociologists). I found a bunch of sessions and resources on migration I need to pass on to my colleagues who specialize in it. I saw Susan Watkins, fertility specialist whose course I took at Penn. And the person who sponsored me through Penn's demography masters, Sam Preston, won the PAA mathematical demography award for his work in variable-rate modeling—which most people assumed he would have a long time ago, as the presenter noted.

Incidentally, it's that work I'm exploiting. I need to clean up the poster and handouts and upload it here as well as to the PAA conference website.

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