April 9, 2006

Massachusetts and high-stakes accountability policies

I've had a few responses to my Shakespeare challenges, all from Massachusetts, which raises an important question for my challenge: When did Massachusetts policy become high stakes for schools in terms of resources (providing rewards to high-scoring schools or taking funds away from low-scoring schools) rather than for reputation (labeling), for organizational control (the threat of a state takeover), or for students (in terms of the graduation exam or other consequences of test scores at the individual level)? Amrein and Berliner describe the stakes as high beginning in 1999 but non-monetary (see the chart on p. 10). Technically, I think one could say that there were definitely resources attached to test scores beginning in 2002 (No Child Left Behind), but since I stated the challenge referring to high stakes for five years or more, I need to know whether Massachusetts had such resources attached to test results before NCLB's passage.

Yes, I'll contact the MDOE, but if any reader knows independently, please clue me in!

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