April 24, 2006

Dueling grad rates

A Jay Greene dropout/graduation report, and then comes Lawrence Mishel's counterargument! Then Edwize gets into the game! And then the AFT NFTBlog says there will be a debate between the primary authors hosted by the Center on Education Policy. It sounds a bit like a WWF match, but I need to confirm the existence of this debate with CEP staff.

I've been crazy-busy for about a week and haven't had time to read either one, especially the Mishel/Roy book. I have my own approach to measuring graduation, but I'm a little concerned this is becoming the Jay-and-Lawrence show, when I think neither has published their graduation-rate research in refereed journals. (I haven't and won't tout my stuff as anything but exploratory at the moment.) I hope CEP calls on a few more people, such as Jing Miao, Rob Warren, or Robert Kominski, to provide commentary.

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