May 1, 2006

Do or die for Florida vouchers

Today or tomorrow is do-or-die day for the Florida voucher policies, I think. The Florida senate will be voting on whether to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would authorize the legislature to create voucher programs. Without a constitutional amendment, there is a real possibility that Florida's courts will use the January Bush v. Holmes decision as a precedent for striking down the much larger voucher program for students with disabilities and the corporate income-tax-credit voucher program in Florida.

There has to be a three-fifths supermajority for the proposal to get on the ballot. It will be close, close enough that wealthy businessman and voucher proponent John Kirtley is spending money on radio ads targeting the constituents of two Black senators to change their positions. The news will probably be relayed first on the Tallahassee Democrat Online's capitol news page. Even if the measure does get on the ballot, passage is doubtful.

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