May 4, 2006

More Florida voucher-politics strangeness

If yesterday saw the parliamentary resurrection of the referendum proposal that would authorize voucher programs in the state constitution, today had retaliatory maneuvers that slowed the state senate to a crawl for an hour, as the Democrats forced the word-for-word reading of two otherwise-uncontroversial bills. Fort Lauderdale Democratic Senator Mandy Dawson then accused the governor of threatening to veto bills important to her constituency unless she voted for vouchers, amid other signs that the pull-out-all-stops tactics of the governor and his allies on vouchers was instead hardening positions of several Black state senators. Said my own state senator, Victor Crist, "The under-flowing politics, and the undermining and the backstabbing and the threats and the arm-twisting, have been unbelievable." I'm fairly sure he was referring to his own party (Republicans).

Next up in the state senate: the attempted statutory fix which would put the failing-schools voucher program inside the corporate tax-credit voucher structure. Even if it doesn't raise the hackles of the state supreme court in terms of the funding-structure issues in Bush v. Holmes, there is the question of uniformity yet to be defined.

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