May 4, 2006

Federal bill would require open-access publishing for funded research

The Washington Post has reported on a Senate bill that would require free online publishing of research results within six months of refereed publications for research from 11 federal agencies (those that have $100 million or more in funded projects). Groups with various interests in publishing are lining up on the expected sides—open-access advocates in favor of the bill, publishers and small academic societies against it.

What's needed is some support for the infrastructure of publications, including journal websites, institutional repositories, and bridge funds for academic societies. I don't think that having windowed access will hurt their subscriptions—most research libraries will maintain subscriptions as much as they can because of faculty needs—but having some reassurance for the small academic societies that currently use journal subscriptions as revenue sources would be appropriate. Of course, I wonder how many of their journals only publish federally-funded research. Not many, I suspect...

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