May 21, 2006

Shameful principal priorities

Someone who wants to see the incredibly high priorities that some principals still have for their teacher recruitment should look at the list of openings and job descriptions for the high school that is the closest to my home. There are nine openings listed this evening. How many of them do you think have, as written job descriptions, that a classroom teaching post requires coaching a team as well?

The job list is below the cut-line.

Position Title
English English 3 Fuse/ Newspaper w/softball coach
English English/Yearbook w/baseball coach
Family and Consumer ScienceNutrition/Food Prep/ Sewing/ w/girls soccer coach
Family and Consumer ScienceChild Dev./Sewing Family Dynamics
MathA.P. Statistics/Alg.1/ College Alg (must have Masters in Math)Dual with HCC
MathAlg.1a/Alg. 1b Intensive Math w/cheerleading sponsor
ReadingReading 1/Intensive Reading w/ Learning Community w/Dancerette Sponsor
Reading CoachReading Coach w/boys swimming coach
Voc.Tchr. Asst.Teacher Assisting Customer Assisting w/boys soccer coach

Anyone who wants to see documentation can e-mail me with a request, but I wanted one step removed from making the guilty party online in such a public way as a blog, and I'm hoping the area supervisor (whom I've tipped off) has a chance to talk to the principal about this.

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