June 7, 2006

Calendars and conferences

I have to make a choice soon about where I'll be spending my spring 2007 conference time. It's either the Population Association of America (PAA) March 29-31 (Thu-Sat) or the American Educational Research Association (AERA) April 9-13 (Mon-Fri). Actually, I don't think I have a choice—as a journal editor, I should go to AERA when I can. But I think I could put together a very nice substantive panel on graduation rates for PAA, when some of those folks would probably not come to AERA! Ah, well. I'll put together a different panel for AERA, at least.

No, I can't go to both. It's less a cash issue (though going to New York for PAA would be very expensive) than how many times can I leave my spouse the burden of doing the afternoon runs for kid pick-up, etc. Unless I can bring one of my children with me to New York while I'm at PAA. Hmmn...

My only regret about AERA—okay, not the only regret—is that it's again on weekdays only. Sheesh.

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