June 14, 2006

Inconsistency (again) between Florida school grades and AYP judgments

The 2006 letter grades assigned to Florida's public schools—and AYP classifications— came out today, and as expected the governor talked about the increasing number of schools labeled A and B, while the press has thus far not picked up on the increasing inconsistency between Florida's 'grades' and the AYP classifications (PDF). In the pie-chart comparisons, note that provisional simply is the category of inconsistency between the state grade of A and B and an AYP failure classification. Robert Linn used Florida's inconsistency as one of his paradigmatic examples of the silliness of the current scheme. ("Silliness" is a technical term here...)

We'll see how long it takes reporters to realize this... Update: I should've checked Google News earlier. Ron Matus's story in the St. Pete Times had that as the lead.

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