June 21, 2006

Full-time in the summer

No new writing commitments for me for about two or three years. I'm working full time right now, without being paid, given the book I'm trying to write, a few grants I'd like to submit this summer, some other research, the journal, etc. I realized this morning as I was resting (my leg is still in pain and, yes, I'm headed to the orthopedist tomorrow morning) that I'm feeling under pressure for more than the journal, and that's just silly. There's not enough hours in the day to do everything I'd like, but there's a difference between keeping things on the back burner so you'll never be bored, on the one hand, and getting stressed about it, on the other.

So I'm going to trim my wife's hair (and cut my son's, if he wants), then pack up the laptop and head off to a cafe to work and enjoy the day.

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