June 23, 2006

Migration and graduation

When two major releases in two weeks highlight graduation measures in the press, it's time to kick the writing of my paper on migration and graduation into high gear. The book MS will wait. I need to read one revised paper for the journal today, and take my son to a music lesson, but other than those issues, it's time to roll up my sleeves, ice that leg, and get cracking. Incidentally, for everyone who wants to know: unmeasured migration pollutes any graduation measure. There's no mystery in that. I hope to quantify that relationship, or, rather, I have quantified it for a few cases and will use those cases to discuss the general problem. I know the target journal, and I hope to finish it by early next week and send it off.

(Regarding the leg-icing, the orthopedist yesterday said the bones are fine, but the spot where my son's live drive hit my leg will be swollen for about 4 weeks, so I now have the wonderful clothing option of either a beige compression stocking on one leg or a beige compression stocking on one leg, just in time for the summer fashion season. But it eliminates the add-on swelling that was causing increasing discomfort Tuesday and Wednesday. I can now concentrate for more than half a minute at a time!)

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