June 23, 2006

The decline of a profession

Well, here comes another article talking about the attrition from the profession and the waste of so-called professional education. Yep. 40% attrition within 4 years, 60% within 6 years. One wonders if we shouldn't close the doors of the ignoble preparatory institutions and throw away the key. We might even open up the profession to those who want to switch careers in midlife. They'd bring in a new perspective, unhampered by the brainwashing that happens in the obviously dumbed-down classes where Democrats are far more likely to be the instructors than Republicans. Why, the professors in these so-called "schools" don't even have to do the type of hard empirical research folks in the real disciplines have to. These burned-out practitioners get away with "thought pieces" about policy and even linguistic analysis of their subjects. Didn't they ever learn about experimentation? Yeah. Get rid of the law schools, I say.

Oh... you think I meant ed-school matters?

(Hat-tip: University Diarist.)

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