June 26, 2006

Migration and graduation MS

Well, the MS is now submitted to a journal that accepts papers online. Hurrah! No copying-several-times-over-and-mailing. In the end, I added an additional section overnight, shoved some things around, did major tinkering in the Microsoft Equation frames (when plain text just doesn't handle integral or summation signs).

The conclusion of the paper: "Become my minions and let me rule Graduation Rate Land. Bwahahaha!" No, that's not the conclusion of the paper, and I do not intend to join Evil Overlords Anonymous (but see a song and Harry Potter fan fiction for more on that). I do try to make a mild case in a few spots for the superiority of measures not based on grade level, but the main point of the paper was to demonstrate how sensitive most graduation-rate formulas are to graduation, and the problems that will be encountered as states try to meet their obligations under the National Governors Association compact.

Blogging about my research raises an interesting question, since the target journal has anonymous reviewing: would someone who reads my blog have to recuse herself or himself from being a referee? It's akin to walking by and reading a conference poster closely and then receiving a review assignment of the later paper. But sometimes you just can't get around these things, and besides, you can be wrong about your assumptions.

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