July 10, 2006

Spam translated into Valley Speak

While I'm recovering from a weekend camping trip, I'll provide a translation of info-service spam e-mail into Valley Speak (my high school cohort's putative SoCal lingo) via the inevitably flawed but fun internet filter:

After readin' your blog, fer shure, it is clear that education is like wow! an issue you care about. As your commentary becomes a part of history, oh, baby, you are well aware that it is like wow! intrinsic to stay informed and up to date. Like, ya know, this is where we come in.

Now, don't you wish all your spam came translated thusly?

Note: My only high school acquaintance who spoke true Valley Girl lived in Tustin, far from the Fernando Valley. And today, that is far removed from the early 80s in demographics and culture. The Sherman Oaks Galleria closed before the century's end, and the mall rats are now middle-aged.

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