July 11, 2006

Increasing graduation, Part II

Last week, I did not include one important idea in discussing ways to increase graduation with in-school steps: credit-recovery programs, to allow students to earn high-school credits in a more intensive environment. Unfortunately, while the idea sounds good in abstract, I haven't seen any substantive evaluative research, just anecdotal stories or research in a credit-recovery environment that doesn't address the value of the program. I'd be very curious to see solid research on it.

And now, back to being a galley slave—or transferring the editing changes from one set of galleys to the master galley set to return to the publisher. This is for the edited volume, Education Reform in Florida, which will be out later this year or early next year (just in time for the inauguration of Florida's next governor). There are a few points where I've winced from the "I can't change this phrasing at this point" phenomenon, but I'll mention such errata in a separate post.

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