July 24, 2006

Inefficient but necessary journal work today

I've mostly prepped the next article to appear at EPAA—I am waiting to hear back on a few things—and am now on the one for early August. There are the usual tedious issues, and it's taking a little more time than I expected (or maybe my brain is being inefficient today and needing frequent breaks from editing duties). Yes, that's right, faithful readers—any entertainment you've had from my entries on academic freedom are largely because I can't stand the next step in the process, whether it's hunting for hyphens to be replaced by en-dashes or whatnot. Better to work on this now, still. Tomorrow I'm off to Ocala for family reasons and then have child care teen and preteen entertainment duty starting Wednesday while Elizabeth starts back in "pre-planning days" for the K-12 school year, which begins for students August 3.

I had hoped to get a few disposition letters written, but that will have to wait until Wednesday evening.

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