August 6, 2006

Want to get a copy of Accountability Frankenstein without paying?

I'm still on chapter 2, which has ballooned beyond the size I anticipated. I'm at the fun stage, filling in holes that largely involve writing what I already know. It's akin to putting the last pieces into a jigsaw puzzle. There are three substantive chunks left and then I need to redraft the chapter conclusion. Then it's on to chapter 3!

But to the offer: I'm interested in getting outside perspectives on chapter drafts as I finish them. 2-3 readers per chapter would be useful. And here's the deal: if you volunteer to read a chapter and I choose you, I'd send you a draft chapter and would need a 1-2 page response (strengths/weaknesses) in 2-3 weeks. When the book is completely drafted, you get the file (though I wouldn't be looking for in-depth critiques then). Then, when the book comes out, you get a copy. And you get into the acknowledgments, of course.

If you're interested, please e-mail me.

(P.S. Did anyone notice the typo in the original version of this entry? Are there any left?)

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