August 9, 2006

Necessary but Dull Wednesday

Today I'm pulling my own teeth, metaphorically speaking. No, I'm not talking about my checkup this afternoon but working on the references to Accountability Frankenstein. After finishing the text of chapter 2, there are a bunch of citations that I didn't yet have in the references file, others I need to complete, and so forth. This is also a decent time to dump in citations for the first chapter that I was lazy on, get in there things I know I'll need later, and so forth. Currently, there are 25 pages of citations right now, after a chunk of the work.

Blogging as a break from the tedium? How did you ever guess?

Thus far, I'm pleased with the structure I've set for the chapters. In both the first and second chapters, the end leads naturally into the beginning of the next chapter. While I paid attention to the beginnings and ends of the chapters in Creating the Dropout, my nose had not experienced the full olfactory sensation of being at style's ground level until I read Joe Williams' Style: Toward Clarity and Grace. It's a wonderful book, and I'll be reviewing it before I turn in a final manuscript.

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