August 10, 2006

Addicted to teaching

I finished the syllabus for my fall online class today—finding new hot-topic readings, changing the structure of assignments somewhat, eliminating the wiki, changing what the blog is used for, creating a different type of paper assignment, and adding a separate page for orienting students to discussion (leaving heavily on Brookfield and Preskill). Blackboard is now a mature framework (finally!) and has what it calls adaptive-release rules and I call conditional access. Students will now have to read the syllabus, complete an initial survey, and pass a plagiarism quiz before they can really start work. I'm such a mean teacher!

But as I've worked on the syllabus, I'm enthusiastic again about the course. Ah, I think, I know how to tweak this to make live chats more effective. And I decide to change the order of reading within a unit, so students have theoretical background before we talk about issues of the day.

So it happens every semester: I like to teach. Darnitall. Where's Teachers Anonymous when you need it?

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