August 11, 2006

Migration and graduation, from NIH reviewer standpoint

Reviewer comments on my NIH proposal have come back, and the substantive comments make me smile. One of the weaknesses: potential problems associated with the measurement of population mobility. Bingo. I had submitted this proposal before I had finished the article manuscript I submitted in the summer, which sketches the relationship between mobility and graduation measures to a greater degree than my proposal.

Fortunately, one key measure I intend to use for the Georgia historical work—proportion of school life spent in high school—is not nearly as sensitive to migration as either graduation or net flow estimates. In addition, I could look at the estimates of the various items as curves (in a migration-to-indicator plane) instead of point estimates.

The priority score (221) and the percentile (41.5) are consistent with the text recommendation for further consideration with a "very good" label. The program-level decision on funding is in October, so I wouldn't hear back (on a rejection) soon enough to turn around a revision until the February deadline.

Historical note: see August 2004 entry where I discuss the first round of reviews.

And now it's off to do various mundane things...

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