August 13, 2006

Performative masculinity, or not, in academe

I'm not like Timothy Burke or even Michael Bérubé in the whole performativity of gender in academe thing, or as the case may be, performative masculinity in extracurricular activities through using chainsaws or at least renting them out in a chivalrous gesture before giving up and calling the tree folks (and here I mean the people who trim limbs, not the trees that walk around in a nightmarish Tolkien vision). No, sir. Not me. After my wife and I get paid at the end of the week, I'll be performing masculinity in writing out a check to the arborist. Or Elizabeth will be performing feminity in writing out the check.

So, Timothy, I'm afraid I can't help give you advice on that huge branch/trunk, except to recommend that you get someone to train a camcorder on you while you try, so that if the insurance isn't high enough, at least the rights to the sequence will help compensate. But if you stop by this neck of the woods suburbia between October and March, we can treat you to a fire with orangewood and vegetarian, gluten-free s'mores. Really.

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