August 14, 2006

Editorial marker/to-do list

If it's a Monday morning during the academic year (and, yes, I'm already on contract), it'll be journal management stuff—engaging in the type of detail that can drive an editor to drink be glad that an online journal system exists. We're behind in publishing English-language articles right now because authors who need to answer queries to help get an article up are often on vacation and out of e-mail range in the summer. I heard from one author today and hope to receive at least one set of answers within a day or two. I also received two final MS's over the weekend, so I can work on them when my brain isn't full of brain-melting editorial tasks (e.g., who has the expertise to read this manuscript? which is fine until you consider that my reviewer database includes not only the main editorial board and the new-scholar board but a bunch of very nice volunteer ad-hoc reviewers, all totaling 160). Today, I made review assignments for 6 manuscripts. One came in either yesterday or this morning that I responded to, and there are three left I either need to make assignments for or decide not to circulate for review.

Other tasks for EPAA this week:

  • Prepare one more MS to 'galley' shape and return to author.
  • Take several MS's with enough returned reviews and make decisions.
  • Take editorial-board advice from e-mails, synthesize, and implement.

Now it's time to turn to other things for the afternoon. It's not appropriate to write MS disposition e-mails right after tedium.

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