August 22, 2006

Bulleted ed-policy sliders

Charter-school report? PDK/Gallup poll? I've been preparing for the semester and don't have time for a long entry on this, but here are a few quick (and idiosyncratic) perspectives on the big education news today:

  • While the responses on the poll to reform vs. alternative system have remained somewhat consistent over the years Gallup has included the question, the responses on vouchers specifically are more volatile. My prediction: no one else pays attention to the up-and-down nature of the results.
  • It looks like neither the public nor some charter-school advocates or skeptics understand what charter schools are.
  • The public retains inconsistent views on accountability, at least regarding both expectations and mechanisms.
  • This summer has been the Education Department's Zen PR season, effectively highlighting the importance of newly-released studies by not.

Consider these to be my gnomic utterances for the month.

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