September 2, 2006

Top 10 no-sympathy lines, and 10 top must-answer lines

Via a friend's recommendation (thanks, Rob!), Wisconsin-Green Bay geologist Steve Dutch's Top 10 No-Sympathy Lines that students shouldn't try. To balance out the professor snark, let me add a few concerns of students that faculty should always be willing to address and should, ideally, be described in the syllabus or other documents available early in the term.

  1. What is important to you in this course and in your field?
  2. When do you want us to complete readings and assignments (by individual assignment)?
  3. Can you either tell me how you're going to grade assignment X or point to some examples of well-done student work (or model professional work) for this or a similar assignment?
  4. What citation system do you prefer?
  5. What are we responsible for completing entirely by ourselves as individual students?
  6. If we are working in groups, how will you address the free-loader problem?
  7. How will you decide final grades for the semester?
  8. What's the best way to contact you when I have questions?
  9. What's the reason for you trying to teach us concept X with method Y?
  10. I haven't learned concept X with method Y: Can you suggest another approach?

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