September 7, 2006

Did I really say that? and other interactions with journalists

This morning, I was quoted in a local newspaper article on our school district calendar as saying, "There was much kind of grumbling on the committee about those options." Much kind of?? Someone please remind me to write everything down before I respond to off-the-cuff questions of a journalist.  Peter Jennings I'm obviously not.

Marilyn Brown was taking notes by hand, so I'm not sure I spoke those words as she took them down, but the sense of the statement was true: I was saying that some members of the local calendar committee had grumbled a bit about some of the restrictions that district staff had implied on the calendar.

Hey, at least she spelled my name correctly! 

And now you know why I take Philip Graham's canard about journalism's being the first draft of history quite literally. First drafts always get some things wrong. So I figure that a newspaper account that is 70% correct is doing fairly well.

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