September 24, 2006

In the "when will they learn?" department of academic freedom

Vandals ruined a run of a conservative student newspaper at the University of Georgia Tuesday. (Hat tip: Ralph Luker.)

To whichever jerks did this: Great way to model respect for diversity, folks. Congratulations for advancing civil discourse. You've shown your clear moral superiority.  Now, please don't claim you're speaking for me or others on the left.

Okay, sarcasm mode off: This vandalism happens on and off on campuses; my vague recollection is hearing a story about such vandalism somewhere in the U.S. roughly once every two years or so. Though the news reports I've read aren't specific about investigations, I assume the publisher and editors filed a police report.  The question for the U.G. administration is whether they'll make a public stance against vandalism of student publications.

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