October 8, 2006

ACTA discussions

So where would you have a serious discussion about the future of academe, where you'd talk about a thoughtful core curriculum across the country, because you think everyone has a right to the intellectual tools of a good liberal education?  You know, the stuff that shouldn't be the exclusive privilege of the elite?

Harvard's faculty club, of course.

Maybe I'm stuck in a backwater with only 40,000+ students, more than $100 million in annual faculty salaries, a few hundred millions in extramural grants, etc., but am I wrong in thinking that an obsession with whatever Harvard does, including its curriculum, and putting an ACTA roundtable at Harvard is just a mite unhealthy?

See ACTA's blog entry and also Margaret Soltan's blogging on the day, part I, part II, and part III. ACTA gets credit for inviting John Wilson to be on a panel about academic freedom (why not someone from AAUP?). Soltan's also right that ACTA needs to have some serious engagement with faculty who disagree with their perspective (not about faculty largely in their absence).

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