October 20, 2006

Best-laid plans aft gang agly and other meeting war stories

My semester has gone fairly well thus far with my attempting to spend an hour or two Sunday evening or early Monday getting everything out of my head and then sorting through my several-hundred-item task list for the highest-priority items for the week in various categories. That was one tweak of my internal attempts at organization.  With my children's leaving the house at about the same time most days, this has helped a significant chunk. The business-guru (MBA porn?) organizational system Getting Things Done suggest a "weekly review" on Fridays and then a daily scan, but a consolidated review-and-prioritize time is working better for me.

And then the other, critical step was to reorganize my week so I could devote a day to one type of work, whether journal editing, teaching, research/writing, or union work.  Since my time is divided roughly into 25% chunks, that leaves Friday as meeting/catchup time.  It's worked reasonably well for a month.

...until this week and its 11 meetings, with at least one every day of the week, plus a morning child-shuttling task one day.  So how would you say squeak in Scottish Gaelic? Fortunately, the meetings were all worthwhile, except for adding to my already-full plate. But I've been playing catchup all week.

Nonetheless, if I hadn't reorganized my work habits this semester, I'd now be tearing my hair out.  Now, I will just let it fall out of its own accord, if that's fate. See, I'm letting go of the unimportant stuff...

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