October 23, 2006

Book progress pleasurable but costly

I have one paragraph left before I finish the third chapter of Accountability Frankenstein. Unfortunately for my sanity and time, I think I'll be reading the equivalent of 3-4 books to write that paragraph (international perspectives on curriculum decision-making). But I'm quite happy with how the chapter ended. I've divided our education woes into three fundamental questions (generational challenges, inequalities, and true crises) and tried to think through and write clearly about setting goals (standards would be the current buzzword).

If I've done my job right, forceful advocates of both high-stakes testing and no standards at all will be gritting their teeth at the end of the chapter, but most should acknowledge that they have to defend their views in different ways because of it.

At this point, I think the manuscript is a little over 200 pages. Approximately 150 pages are text, and a little over 50 pages comprise the draft references section.

The next chapter will require additional reading in an area I don't usually read (industrial and organizational psychology). Time to bone up!

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