November 16, 2006

... and some days the bear gets you

Anatomy of a latté fix:

  • An AERA symposium proposal on the grad-rate debate was rejected, a session which would have been a discussion with Larry Mishel, Chris Swanson, Rob Warren, and Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej. (I will not identify the division to protect the guilty.)
  • Two local campus-political things are going mildly wonky, but wonky nonetheless.
  • Various appointments and child-care issues swallowed up huge chunks of the week.
  • Work is piling up seriously.
  • Sometimes, a fellow youth athletics parent doesn't show up with necessary equipment. Head coaches can be called out of town suddenly. Too few kids might show up for what we were planning anyway.
  • Paying two minor bills late doesn't hurt the credit rating but doesn't contribute to the week's productivity, either.

Most of these are relatively minor bumps in life, more irritatants than anything—and there are some definitely good things going on—but the irritants are making this stretch of road a bit jangly. Time to find one thing to do for a few hours and do it.

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