December 6, 2006

Education has only non-Florida leaders in Crist transition

According to the Crist transition site list of leaders of citizen review boards, everyone except those leading the group on education are from Florida or (in a few cases) has strong ties to the state from living here at least a few years.  The exceptions?  Paul Peterson and Marty West, who head the education group. Peterson was a prime mover in the Hoover Institution's Reforming Education in Florida (2006). According to West's vitae, he just graduated from Harvard's government/social policy doctoral program, with Peterson as his advisor.

Why the exception in education? I can speculate, but this would be a great thing for reporters to go after. I suspect they won't, because the half-million-dollar donations that the governor-elect is asking for his inauguration are just too juicy, especially with a surprising lack of disclosure about the donors.

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