December 10, 2006

Why Sherman's not blogging today (excuse note)

Apologies to Pat Cooksey

Dear Readers I will plead with you, don't have a fit of pique.
This blog will start up once again for you to read next week.
My mind is all quite bloodied, and my thoughts a formless mess.
I write this entry 'cause our blogs are here for to confess.

I wish that I could tell you of what befell my work.
But I can't claim bricks or buckets fell, to excuse a day of shirk.
I have a spouse, a preteen son, and a teenage lass.
And I have to keep up with a journal, book, and class.

While grading in my office, exams I have to read.
And while I work with students, there's silence on the feed.
I thought that I would scatter them across the building's stairs.
But someone told me doing that just wasn't very fair.

I opened up a file that a student sent to me.
It had a software virus, and quickly I could see
my hard drive was evaporating, useless to me now.
I had to get the data back; I didn't know quite how.

I walked up to the library, which had computer folk.
I told them what had happened, and they said it was a joke.
They told me not to write this song, they told me I was haughty.
So I went around the corner to get a decaf latté.

So, in other words, the reason why I'm not blogging daily this week is ... Starbucks!

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