December 15, 2006

Indiana Governor Daniels lays down a marker on higher ed

Mitch Daniels' new proposal to lease the lottery to benefit higher ed may well be doomed in the legislature, but it's one of the few recent examples of efforts to increase higher-education funding in some structural way. The last time I saw something like this was Georgia's creation of the HOPE scholarship from a lottery, something that inspired other states to follow suit (in both some lottery-funded scholarship and providing a feel-good reason to support public lotteries).

Indiana faces a very specific problem, a perceived brain-drain, and probably the most creative approach is a loan forgiveness program for college graduates who stay in the state. It may be doable without a lease program if the program is restricted to high-status programs that are perceived to be high-productivity (i.e., engineering, sciences), and we'll see if that happens either in Indiana or elsewhere.

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