December 18, 2006

So there's debate among NCLB critics? Big deal...

The reaction of Mike Antonucci to news that Susan Ohanian calls the NEA's leadership distancing themselves from the "dismantle NCLB" petition "bullying"? "[F]un watching NEA and Ohanian thrash it out for themselves." (Hat tip: Eduwonk.)

Maybe Antonucci is unfamiliar with something called deliberative decisionmaking, which involves discussion, decisions, and acknowledgment of dissent, but the NEA has had that on NCLB, in its last annual meeting. The NEA is acting consistent with the decision of its 9,000-plus delegates.  Ohanian doesn't have to like it (she obviously doesn't), but I don't think that disagreements are a problem in public debate.  We call that democracy in this part of the world.

Disclosure: I've already commented on the petition.

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