December 24, 2006

Expertise tackled; the world is next

Whew! I've split up the former chapter 2 into two chapters, expanded the analysis of expertise and the political drives for test-score accountability in the new chapter 2, and polished the new chapter 3 a bit. The rest of the revision checklist is now much narrower:

  1. Change chapter summaries in preface and new chapter 6
  2. Expand section on the outcomes of high-stakes accountability in chapter 5
  3. Cite in-press MS and other materials on consequences of high-stakes testing; find Jones, Jones, & ?.
  4. Insert more from Frankenstein itself
  5. Explain technocracy in the preface
  6. Be clearer on how the goals follow A Nation at Risk in chapter 4 section, "From expectations of schools to..."
  7. Better citations for historical material
  8. Check that each excerpt is < 150 words
  9. Complete marketing questionnaire
  10. Tie child-saving better to the overarching argument in chapter 5, perhaps switching it to appear later in the chapter
  11. In Chapter 5, watch the conflation of working-class with immigrant
  12. Chapter 6, explain Lake Wobegon phenomenon better (more?)
  13. Chapter 6: revise "no illusion" passage
  14. Look for substitute Webster quotes in 1965 volume.

Time for me to head home (I'm currently in a chain cafe). We don't celebrate Christmas, but I think my family will want to see me sometime today.  For those who do celebrate it, have a safe and merry Christmas.

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