December 25, 2006

Down to the last few tasks...

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is having (or have had) a wonderful day. For those who aren't but keep the Julian calendar system, happy Isaac Newton's birthday! For those of us who operate on the Gregorian (modern) calendar and who don't celebrate Christmas, have a great day anyway. (For most of us, then, Newton's birthday will fall January 4.)

It's raining in Tampa and for me a day to finish off this head cold (I hope!) and knock off a few more tasks for the book. The current to-do list:

  1. In chapter 5, expand section on the outcomes of high-stakes accountability
  2. In chapter 5, tie child-saving better to the overarching argument, perhaps switching it to appear later in the chapter
  3. Cite in-press MS and other materials on consequences of high-stakes testing; find Jones, Jones, & ?.
  4. Insert more from Frankenstein itself
  5. Check references against text.
  6. Complete marketing questionnaire

If you're comparing this to the prior entry, I've completed several pedestrian note-checking tasks and still have left one substantial chunk of writing left along with one organizational issue, two polishing tasks, a required bit of drudgery (which will wait until I can get the 67-page references section printed at work tomorrow), and the task that most academic authors stink at (can I remember everyone and everything news of this should go to?).

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