December 28, 2006

2624 missing citations

Here's why you check the text against the references before the manuscript goes to the publisher: With 658 publications listed currently, there are still 26 I mentioned in the text but didn't have in the references section, and there are a bunch in the references section that don't appear in the text. So I'll be double-checking the references that I want to delete and add the 26 I forgot. Then there's one chapter with corrections yet to put in the file, a few odds and ends, a few books to retrieve from the circulation desk and check to see if I really need to cite them or change anything (I doubt either), and then off it goes.

Update: After deletions, there are now only 561 publications listed in the references section, and I found 2 of the missing citations (listed in the text with the wrong authors, such as referring to Marshall Smith's last name as "Marshall"). I will also need to find 1 or 2 additional references for a few last-minute items, but that means I should still keep the references under 600. Sheesh.

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