January 5, 2007

Situational attention deficit

In the last day, I've had the worst problems concentrating on any task for more than about 10 minutes at a time. Part may be a bit of a cold: I have the standard slight bone-weariness I associate with a cold, plus a touch of congestion. Part may be induced by lack of sleep: I wrote into the wee hours on either Tuesday or Wednesday night (I forget which). Part may be idiosyncratic interruptions: this morning I stopped by a rental car agency to switch my rental (while I'm waiting for collision repairs to my car after last month's hit-and-run rear-ender: don't worry, I'm fine, as is my son, and that's the important thing), and then I was called to a meeting on a regional campus once I got to my office (the reinstatement of an expected meeting that had been moved, since it was moved back).

I suspect the larger picture is that I spent a good part of the winter break revising a book manuscript, and my brain is just depleted of extended concentration stamina. I can breeze along fine in a well-known area, but ask me to think in a different way and pow! I'm easily distractible.

So I have my long to-do list and will chug along, switching tasks when I find my attention lagging. I have a bunch of tasks that really do require more than an hour of focus, and so I hope it returns soon.

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