January 6, 2007

EdWeek and marketing

Michael Kirst's analysis of this year's Quality Counts from Education Week seems absolutely on target: they wanted to do something more ambitious, partly because they now have Chris Swanson and partly because they didn't want to do the same ol' analysis of K-12 policies. The clincher on the marketing gig is the tagline at the top of the website right now, "Open House, January 4-18: Complete, Free Access to edweek.org."

Then there's the other kicker that Kirst mentions: This new focus by EdWeek will be a challenge to the Chronicle of Higher Education which does not have as much of a education policy orientation. Given that CHE is now having its mind focused by competition from Inside Higher Ed, I'd say that's an interesting claim, but Quality Counts is an annual supplement and not a regular focus of reporting.

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